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Michael and Melody are committed to helping individuals make better decisions and lead happier lives, especially in a world facing challenges like dysfunctional families and mental health issues worsened by the COVID-2019 pandemic. Through motivational speaking engagements across various sectors, they encourage others to live prosperous lives, build stronger relationships, and reach their fullest potential, rooted in their love for God and service to mankind.

  • Motivational Speaking Engagements

    Beginning with all levels of Government to the local communities, and nonprofit organizations, including the local church.  Michael’s passion to inspire others to live a more prosperous life stems from his love of God and his commitment to helping people view life from a different perspective.  He believes that his purpose is to become a service to mankind and aid them in life.  By sharing his life story with the world.  Michael aspires to motivate others in building stronger relationships with their family and friends and to teach ways to be happy with what they have and where they are.  His mission is to foster humbleness by encouraging people to look back from where they started and help them reach their fullest potential.  He believes that the sky is truly the limit.

  • Federal Government Capability Statement

    Michael hopes that his memoir book, wisdom, coupled with his military and life experiences will serve as a catalyst for others to make better decisions, learn from past mistakes, and pave a road to a happier and more successful life. His life, is a story that impacts future decisions of everyday people to a more positive outcome. Noting the rise of dysfunctional families and the vast amount of mental health issues that has plagued our society for centuries; but now, is overtaking us since the COVID-2019 pandemic.  Michael wants to become part of the solution, to usher people towards a more pleasant future.

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