5 Traits that make you a Good Human

5 Traits that make you a Good Human

Being a decent person is not difficult, but it cannot happen instantly or naturally. You must have the desire to be a good person and take decisions that reflect your values more than anything else. You have the potential to adjust no matter what you're doing in life. Here are 15 simple characteristics that distinguish you as a good person.

  1. They build honest relationships:

Difficult relationships may lead to increased stress and tarnish a person's reputation, particularly when things go south. A normal person could try to hold on and drag it for too long while a genuinely decent person will be open and honest in their relationship. They move forward happily when things are going well and are honest about their feelings when it’s not working out. Although this doesn’t mean they dump their partners or start arguments, they simply do not lie about their relationship or give false hopes to their partners.

  1. They are selfless:

Every good human is compassionate when it comes to others feelings. It's all too simple to be self-centered and do what's best for you. Truly virtuous individuals, on the other hand, think about others when making decisions. They recognize that what is beneficial to them may not necessarily be beneficial to others. They never have to only serve others; instead, they recognize and evaluate how their actions may affect others, and they are confident in their decisions to proceed.

  1. They share:

While you are not need to literally offer others your food and home and sleep on the street, a truly decent person is one who's willing to be charitable. A decent person recognizes that the things we acquire and the money we earn are worthless if we don't share it with others. You don't have to give away all your life’s saving to the needy but taking out a small share of your food or earnings to make even one person smile would be enough.

  1. They are empathetic:

Genuinely good people consider other’s pain their own. When someone tells them about how they feel, these people put themselves in the other person’s shoes and feel what they are going through. They do not judge others or make fun of their miseries. Instead their heart swells up upon discovering what others are going through which makes them want to be there for their friends and family as much as possible.

  1. They are forgiving:

Forgiving someone takes great courage. People with pure hearts can truly forgive others and let go of any vile feelings they might be having for someone. They do not seek revenge or harbor hate in their hearts. This however doesn’t mean they let people walk over them. Above all, good people learn to forgive themselves which inclines them to forgive others too.


Being a decent human isn’t difficult. Small changes in your life like the way you talk to others and how humble are you is enough to turn your pride into ashes and your heart into gold.

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