5 Tips to Strengthen Your Faith & Connection with God

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Faith & Connection with God

We all battle with our religion at some time or another, regardless of who we are. It might be a disease, a family or personal issue, or just a chasm in your connection with God. It's always pleasant to reunite with old friends. So, let's look at some suggestions for spiritual development and how to become closer to God with the help of a few easy habits and behaviors.

  1. Study the Scripture

Opening your Scripture every day is among the most effective methods to get closer to God. Spending some time studying God's Word can bring you closer to Christ, whether you just read from the Bible, participate in a Prayer group, or regularly attend worship services. God's instruction handbook is the Bible. You'll never comprehend how to live life by God's principles if you don't understand what's written in there. It's natural that you'll find a plethora of Biblical references to help you get closer to God.

  1. Pray to Him

"Don't stop praying." KJV 1 Thessalonians 5:17 that concludes Paul's instructions for coming back to God. Speak with God. Honor Him, praise Him, and ask Him for favors. Simply said, prayer is communicating with God via His Son, Jesus Christ. Even if you can't think of anything to say or your heart's problems are too deep to find the words to describe, the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf because He always understands our hearts.

  1. Become Humble

If you believe you have greater power over your circumstances than God, you should reconsider. Your life is part of God's plan. It is our responsibility to obey God's will and abide with it. That does not imply that we are pawns incapable of setting objectives. The gift of free will comes with both a blessing and a punishment. It's a blessing because He gives us the option to choose. However, it is an Imprecation because if we make wrong choices, we will suffer the repercussions. The best course of action for you is to follow God's instructions of living your life and submit yourself before Him.

  1. Seek Forgiveness

If you are living a life of un-repented sin, the Lord will not hear your prayers. Confess your sins and back away from them.  God's forgiveness motivates us to seek redemption, make amends, and negotiate peace with those we have harmed us or with those who have wronged us. The compassion of the ones we have damaged strengthens our own confidence in God's mercy and love and inclines us to become a devoted believer.

  1. Spread Love

The key to becoming a good believer is to become a good human. Humanity prevails all religions and should be kept above all. You simply can’t be a good believer if you’re a bad human being who has no compassion for others. Spread love and kindness wherever you go. Learn to forgive others and help them out when you can. Avoid judging or hurting people around you and be considerate about their feelings.

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